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Asslamualaikum good afternoon my dear pal a good-all...This is a pretty good reflection article about jobs from Allah SWT. The language is easy and if we read it with appreciation, God willing, we will feel how Charitable worship as we do not mean if we feel satisfied faster and feel that we have done deeds accepted by Allah SWT.

This article came from  Articles, muse, story of motivation and here I try to further trim this note.

A special vacancy has been prepared before the universe was created. This vacancy is open to anyone, including for all unemployed or who are working with whatever background, good directors, governors, pedicab drivers, robbers, criminals, murderers, priests, religious scholars, philanthropists, etc.. Each applicant is guaranteed to be accepted in one position available, even though that does not apply must be accepted!


A. The inhabitants of Heaven

B. The inhabitants of Hell


Before the candidates were given the facility a final form that eternal heaven, the candidate is guaranteed to get outdoor and indoor training, comprising: 1. Delicious grave . 2. Warranty protection in Padang Mahsyar. 3. Safety climbing Sirath-al mustaqim.

Heaven has many pleasures that can not be compared with the pleasures of the world. Prophet. “said: By Allah, this world than the Hereafter is like someone who dipped his finger into the sea; water left in That lifted his finger when the value of the world. ” (Muslim) .

Favors a more beautiful than heaven is to have the opportunity to see, feel and face God’s mercy, this is the peak of all pleasure, this pleasure can not imagine human beings, namely enjoy the beauty of nature and pure word of Allah the Most Gracious and Most Merciful.



Candidates certainly get a variety of outdoor facilities such hell with heating facilities that temperature incredible heat. Even if a grain of sand dropped on earth hell then mengeringlah all oceans on earth and mendidihlah polar ice on the face of this earth. Even if someone removed from it instantly and then transferred to a bonfire pile of flaming on this earth then he will feel relieved.

Hell is very broad, so the applicants of this position do not have to worry about not miss the place. The applicants of this position is also no need to worry about to die when burned, because our bodies will be created in such a way as to be able to expand when burned (like crackers when fried).

Messenger of Allah said. “In hell teeth a Gentile will (expand) to the mountain of Uhud, and (thick) skin stretched for three days’ journey.” (Narrated by Abu Hurairah, Muslim).

Oh, yes. This facility also includes free food that can burn the contents of the stomach, intestines drinks that can leak as well as free swimming pool facility that contains pus and blood. Some free maid also prepared to cut the tongue of people who like to hurt other people, as well as iron stomach people who do not pay zakat.

In addition to these facilities, the candidates will pass the length of training period which reaches thousands of years, namely:

1. Indoor Training : In the grave form of punishment of the grave and live in misery accompanied by snakes and other strange creatures and ugly faces for years to thousands of years in nature barzakh depending on the quality of worship and charity that he sins do.

2. Outdoor Training: Mahsyar Conducted in the desert for thousands of years, in an atmosphere of panic and turmoil extraordinary. Father, mother, children and brothers and sisters we can not help us because everyone is busy with their own affairs. Even the nabipun not able to help, except Prophet Muhammad SAW which will help his people who diligently bersholawat him.


1. Not required diploma
2. Not required connections or bribes.
3. No need to bring treasures
4. No need to pretty-faced, handsome, well-built or sexy.
5. Simply bring the original documents of faith and charity work of your own.


interview stage

1, do step 7 after the last of the mourners left the cemetery you .

word of the Prophet Muhammad: “Surely if a person’s body laid in the grave, the corpse was heard the sound of those slippers that drove him to the grave by the time they leave the place (hasan hadith narrated by Ahmad Hanbal). Please note your interview schedule has been determined since the spirit breathed into your body during the mother’s womb.

interview stage

2: Only God who knows


Interview phase I, conducted in the tomb (natural barzakh) for several minutes until thousands of years depending on the position of the dilamarnya. Interview Phase II, conducted on the day of judgment (the day of reckoning) for several days until thousands of years depending on the position of the dilamarnya. In one haditsnya Prophet once said that the trial interval period between rich people and poor people is 500 years old. Blessed are you who are poor over the world, who have few assets to be held accountable (because you waste a grain of rice which will be held accountable).


Interview phase I, performed by Angels Mungkar and Nakir. Interview Phase II, conducted directly by the Lord’s Day Later


1. Who is your Lord?

2. What is your religion?

3. Who is your prophet?

4. What kitabmu?

5. Where kiblatmu?

6. Who’s your brother?

What 6 questions extremely easy, but unfortunately can not be memorized from now because of faith and charity we are the ones who will answer it.


Again, this is really a very special recruitment, need not apply, who are guaranteed entry, even for melamarpun you will be picked up in particular. Picked up by a creature named Izroil caliber angel. He’ll pick you up at anytime and anywhere (could be a moment).


Consider the following hadith, esungguhnya too many secrets of this nature which we can not know, especially about the afterlife.

Messenger of Allah said: “I am able to see what you could not see. I could hear the friction of heaven (berkriut-kriut), the sky is so dense, there is no empty space area of four fingers even though the sky was filled with the angels prostrated to Allah SWT. By God! If only you knew what I know (about the afterlife), surely you will never laugh at all, even you guys would have a lot of crying (for fear). And surely you can never have fun with your wife -your wife, and undoubtedly you will come out poured into the streets (screaming) to invoke (forgiveness) and pray to God (asking for protection from disaster hereafter), which will he inflicted. ” (Reported by Tirmidhi & Al-Bukhari)

While millions of angels with a sense of fear and respect are prostrate to Allah, and while Angel Trumpet blower is ready in front of the trumpet since the universe was created, while it also still many of us still fall asleep with this world. Did not realize he was that he was included in the program reception vacancies exist in the afterlife.


It’s easy, live as you wish.

He will of God. “Verily, hearing, sight, and hearts, all will be held accountable.” (Surah 17 Al-Israa ‘: 36).

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  1. smw umat islam bila d tnya, inginkan surga atw neraka,. sudah psti jwaban ny surga….wlwpun ia kdng tidak sdar atw bahkan dngn sdar ny bhwa jlan khidupan yg dia pilih adlah mnjurus k neraka,,(Naudzubillahiminzalik)
    ya akhi……
    keimanan se2orng psti mngalami psang surut,
    bnyak skali rasa ny godaan d dunia ini, trkdang qt tdk mnyadari bhwa qt sdng mlkukan suatu kla2ian,.
    slah satu cara untuk qt tdk lalai yaitu sllu istiqamah dlam stiap amalan,.
    Sebaik-baik amalan ialah amalan yang sentiasa atau istiqomah dilakukan sekalipun sedikit…

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